Today marks the day Women all over the World are celebrated. We would normally say “Happy Women’s Day”, but there are millions of Women who aren’t happy due to the effect of Cancer. Cancer still remains a plaque worldwide among Women with the following facts:

1. 1 in 8 Women in the US will be diagnosed of Breast Cancer

2. Breast Cancer is the leading cause of Cancer-related deaths among Women Worldwide.

3. Cervical Cancer still a real threat in Africa and other developing regions. It is estimated to be about the second most common cancer among Women in Africa.

Those are frightful but there is always something simple you can do to remain happy:

1. Eat Healthy: right amount of food, mostly natural, at the right time.

2. Exercise regularly: as low as even 10 minutes (30 recommended)  daily for 5 days in a week

3. Adequate rest

4. Regular check up: Breast self examination, basic/comprehensive health screening yearly.

5. Great Attitude to Life.


The above looks really simple but, if properly observed, can make a big difference in your Life.


Please have a great Women’s Day and stay Happy.






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