A 10-year old girl is the World’s youngest survivor of Breast Cancer.

 Chrissy in hospital to have her lump removed in November 2015 (Chrissy’s Alliance/Facebook)

Chrissy Turner, from Centerville, Utah, was diagnosed of Breast Cancer at the age of eight when a lump in her right chest came out positive.

She had mastectomy later that year and Doctors confirmed it had not spread.

She now has breast ultrasound every three month to monitor for recurrence, and will have a breast reconstructive surgery when she turns sixteen (16).

Both of her Parents, Annette and Troy,  suffered a form of Cancer and are both survivors.

Chrissy enjoying life (Chrissy’s Alliance/Facebook)

Annette, a life coach and holistic trainer, told People : “She knows that when something like this happens to you, you can either take it lying down or you can grow from it, spiritually and emotionally. She’s chosen to grow from it. This entire experience has brought our family closer together.”


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