World Cancer Day

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We can I can. There is something that can be done to curb this scourge.

We don’t need to lose more friends, family, workers and neighbours, this year to cancer.

So, please copy this picture and send to your friends with the following example (you may change to your words)

#We can

1. Eat healthy, rest, exercise and maintain a clean environment

2. Speak up for good government policies supporting adequate health infrastructures and environment (remember the soot in Rivers State, Nigeria)

3. Encourage people to get screened routinely, to detect cancer early and seek proper help.


#I can

1. Get screened

2. Inform others

3. Support right movements (awareness, care, research)


You may just wind up saving a life.


Youngest Breast Cancer Survivor – guess her age?

A 10-year old girl is the World’s youngest survivor of Breast Cancer.

 Chrissy in hospital to have her lump removed in November 2015 (Chrissy’s Alliance/Facebook)

Chrissy Turner, from Centerville, Utah, was diagnosed of Breast Cancer at the age of eight when a lump in her right chest came out positive.

She had mastectomy later that year and Doctors confirmed it had not spread.

She now has breast ultrasound every three month to monitor for recurrence, and will have a breast reconstructive surgery when she turns sixteen (16).

Both of her Parents, Annette and Troy,  suffered a form of Cancer and are both survivors.

Chrissy enjoying life (Chrissy’s Alliance/Facebook)

Annette, a life coach and holistic trainer, told People : “She knows that when something like this happens to you, you can either take it lying down or you can grow from it, spiritually and emotionally. She’s chosen to grow from it. This entire experience has brought our family closer together.”

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is considered Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is not just a day’s event, it is the whole month. A full month is dedicated to Awareness in Breast Cancer by various Health Organizations. The main aim is to reduce the incidence, morbidity, mortality and effect of the disease. How well that has been going globally is difficult to say.

A story I read recently.

A Lady was asked to leave her house by her Husband once she was diagnosed of breast cancer. Her kids were also taken from her by Relatives who believed the disease was contagious.

I read the above on a certain site and it got me thinking – do people really believe that Breast Cancer is contagious? If some do, then it is sad. The Diagnosis of breast cancer alone can weigh a Lady down emotionally. Usually, strength comes from loved ones. If they let her be, depression can kill such women faster than the breast cancer. While the Month is still fresh and various campaigns on breast cancer going on all over the globe, let’s consider the following :

1. Strange beliefs about Breast Cancer.

2. Depression and other Psychological issues in Breast Cancer

3. Social issues with Breast Cancer.

4. Research in Developing Countries in Breast Cancer.

5. How effective campaigns have been.

Ensure you get to know more about Breast Cancer, get screened if need be, and tell at least one person before the Month is over.

Read more on Breast Cancer Here 

September Cancer Awareness

September has the most programs for Cancer Awareness – covering both males and females. You’ll do well to know the Cancer Programs for this Month:

1. Childhood Cancer Awareness

2. Gynecologic Cancer Awareness

3. Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness

4. National Ovarian Cancer Awareness

5.National Prostate Cancer Awareness

5. Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day (typically the last week in September)

6. Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

It is not late to see your Doctor for Cancer Screening.

Please remember: you have a role to play in having a good life.